Container plants and Plants with root balls

In 2000 we started a subsidiary in Poland, where we grow the continued cultivation of our bigger cell-grown plants and pots on 2 ha container field and 3 ha foil tunnels. Another part of the cell-grown plants is transplanted in the open field. The company in Poland is now a 55 ha nursery where we produce plants that are destined mainly for nurseries in whole Europe. In the cultivation combination of Wernhout & Polen, many plants are produced on appointment and the wishes of the clients are accomplished the best way possible.

In our Polish company the next cultivation methods are used:
► P40: P204 cell-grown plants from Wernhout are plugged over into a P40 in order to grow 2 or 3 years old cell-grown plants. This plug size is particularly for rootstocks, forestry plants, Christmas trees and different other species as young plants.
P9: cell-grown plants from Wernhout are potted in a P9 to make good 2 year old rootstocks and young plants, like Magnolia kobus, Ginkgo biloba and Taxus baccata. Our specialty is growing species of conifers in P9, since we have the advantage that all plants grow slightly shorter and more compact in Poland. Some species (like Pinus mugo species) are first transplanted in the open field as a cell-grown plant. After a year in the open field, these plants are potted in a P9. The experience teaches us that this cultivation method gives more beautiful, bushy plants with an original look. 
1L: rootstocks; especially long/straight cell-grown plants are potted into this size to make rootstocks which are able to be grafted at 40/60/80/100cm, like Acer palmatum, Ginkgo biloba, Abies species, Picea species, Pinus species, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana and others.
Open field: various kinds of our plants are transplanted in the open field from a P40 or P9, for the production of root balls or bigger size pots (till 10 litre). We also produce more and more plants on a bigger distance to deliver them later as bigger size with a root ball.