Picea pungens Super Blue Seedling

Original a Canadian protected specie, grown from seeds. In USA and Canada handled under the name Baby Blue™ (see among others www.spadafarms.com and www.armintrouts.com). De Douglas Boomkwekerijproducten BV handles this Blue Spruce in Europe under the name ‘Super Blue Seedling’.

This blue Spruce is marked by its very full and uniform growth. And has got a beautiful model for a Christmas tree as well as for solitary use. Pruning is not necessary. Moreover, the plants have got a very uniform colour from bluish grey to blue (also dependent on the quality of the ground). As the plants get older, they also become more blue. The SBS grows the most beautiful with as much as possible sunlight and a good draining ground. And after 5 years of cultivating this specie in our Polish nursery, we see that SBS is less sensitive for frost in the spring than the normally used species (like Arizona/Kaibab).